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Brother Shaoqiu. You can't do anything! Please, please don't do anything! The most young and frivolous Chapter 25 fighting in the middle of the night The cold wind of the night was particularly cold. Not long after the twelfth lunar month, there was a little more loneliness in the huge palace of Chu. In the palace of Prince Qiu Ling, the paper lanterns were all removed cleanly. At a glance, it was dark. Chu Shaoqiu doesn't like fancy things very much. He loves the wintersweet shaking in the cold wind of the night more than the resplendent gold and jade. The snow on the ground had been swept by the eunuchs and ladies in the palace, but the snow on the eaves had not yet melted. The ice edges hung down from the eaves. Looking up, they reflected a strange beauty under the candlelight. Master Shaomen, you should have a rest. Behind him, a strong young man dressed as a bodyguard, who looked quite shrewd and capable, bowed his head respectfully. The blood oath has just passed, the master's body is still in the stage of weakness, this time it is easy to be infected with cold. In front of the window, the young man in white, gazing intently at the dark night sky, was like an immortal out of the dust. The fragrance of plum blossoms outside the window poured into the room with the cold wind. The handsome young man's side face was infected with a vague feeling under the flickering candlelight. He was left alone. Fortunately, it was a moonless night. Otherwise, when the dim moonlight shone down, it would really make people afraid that he would float away. It doesn't matter. I'm not tired. Teenagers casually faint smile, I do not know why,Magnesium Oxide powder, Chu Shaoqiu today's mood is unusually calm, there is no tiredness, he seems to have a kind of unspeakable feeling, let him do not want to rest. The young man's eyes, full of reverence, overflowed with a trace of concern. He said with a low smile, "The young master is thinking that tomorrow,caustic calcined magnesite, you will be able to step into the realm of green bamboo and become one of the world's masters."? Alas, Master, it's not that I want to laugh at you, but a green bamboo master who accidentally froze and was bedridden with a serious illness has spread out, which is really a big joke! As he spoke, the young man showed a sad and lifelike expression, and Chu Shaoqiu could not help laughing. Bloody clothes, your provocation is really not clever! No matter how bad I am, I won't fall down in an illness, will I? Chu Shaoqiu's clear eyes were full of smiles, and the young man's tone and attitude reminded him of another little devil who was so angry that he didn't pay for his life. His angular lips were quietly raised, but his face was dignified and serious. Have you set up the blood killing team? "Don't worry, Master. Thirty-six blood guards are arranged properly. As long as the Situ family dares to come here today, they will never come back!" Chu Shaoqiu nodded: "The Situ family should not be so stupid. Send them to my Longmen Bloody Killing Team. Besides, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, each of the nine clans has its own restrictions and cannot attack other clans at will. Otherwise, the eight clans will punish them together.". But I always feel that something may happen tonight. I swear in my blood that tonight will be achieved. If they don't do something, I'm afraid they won't have a chance again. "Master, there are few teams in the world that can compete with my Longmen Bloody Killing Team. Do you have too much heart? If it weren't for the restriction of the Nine Clans, we would have destroyed the Situ Family long ago. How could we wait until today?" Bloody clothes and disdainful eyes: "Although the three clans in the world are beautiful, our Liu family is just a little weak in manpower. For hundreds of years in a row, we are only slightly inferior to the Leimen family and almost won the championship. Are we still short of martial arts?" "That's why people are jealous." Chu Shaoqiu sighed and turned his eyes slightly. Suddenly he ordered, "If something happens to me tonight, you will protect the young master in the future. Never let her have an accident. Do you understand?" "Young Lord?"? Hum "The bloody clothes stuck his neck away from his face, and his expression was very uneven." Bloody clothes? Chu Shaoqiu accentuated his voice, showing a faint sternness on his face, not angry and arrogant.
"Yes, Master!" With a reluctant promise, Bloody Clothes muttered, "Master, I really complain for you. Young Master is like that. He is a child who doesn't know how to make progress. What qualifications do he have to shoulder heavy responsibilities?"? Also let the master of your lifelong loyalty to obey, fortunately he did not know the blood oath at this time, if you know, you may have to drag into what kind of appearance, master of your temperament peerless talent, for the clan to make such a great sacrifice to have today's status, what did he do? How much power do you have? But you want to sit back and enjoy it! Not to mention me, the brothers below are all arrogant and unconvinced. If I could, I would rather the master was our young master. "Bloody clothes, you remember, this kind of words rot in the stomach, can not be mentioned again!" Chu Shaoqiu's voice was light, but with an irrefutable momentum. I don't know when he caught a layer of dazzling brilliance in his eyes: "I know you have been following me since I was seven years old, and you have deep feelings with me, and you are all thinking about me.". But you don't know what kind of person she is. I don't know everything about her. We don't know her ability at this time. She is the one we want to protect, the one I swear to protect all my life, and the only blood of the Liu family. Do you understand? "Master, your subordinates understand!" Bloody clothes did not understand the meaning of Chu Shaoqiu's words, but also said that Chu Shaoqiu this is for the young Lord to say two decent words, although the mouth is promised, the heart is actually disapproving. But how much can a seven-year-old kid do? Besides, the boy is a dandy who doesn't want to make progress. Send some warm soup to the brothers later, and it will be cool in the winter night. Knowing that the bloody clothes had not been understood, Chu Shaoqiu stopped explaining and patted him on the strong shoulder with a warm smile. Thank the Lord for his concern! Bloody clothes smiled excitedly, he really liked this gentle and elegant young master like a banished immortal. The warm feeling had not yet faded, but suddenly there was a sharp and rapid whistle in the dark and cold night, like an owl strangled by the neck, so cold that people trembled. Bloody clothes and Chu Shaoqiu face is a change, know the message represented by the whistle-enemy attack! Strong enemy! Blood killing team dedicated several whistles have grading, this situation is clearly the most dangerous and most terrible enemy will use the warning! Report this kind of warning shows that there have been casualties in the front,Magnesium Sulphate producer, 36 blood guards are all highly skilled, most of them are in the territory of yellow bamboo, who can hurt them? Those Stu family losers are absolutely impossible. Things have changed. stargrace-magnesite.com